The Beach

There is no place like The Beach aka The Beaches.
There is no place like The Beach aka The Beaches.  Having lived in this neighbourhood for many years, in an tell you first-hand that there is no neighbourhood more pro-dog, pro-community, and pro-beach than the coveted Beaches.


Pictured here is beautiful water works building. It’s been filtering Toronto’s water since the days of diefenbaker.… Continue reading

How to Develop “Grit”


How do develop more “grit”?

“Grit” is supposedly “passion + purpose,” best defined by Angela Duckworth’s wonderful book “Grit.” The only thing obvious to any practitioner in change that Duckworth missed was “people skills.” Still, supporting the most common sense ever taught in personal development – be passionate and keep working hard and smart – with actual science is a step forward.

At a practical level, people ask me how to … Continue reading

100TH EPISODE! 5 Lessons Learned


After 100 episodes of my show The Charged Life, we’ve learned a lot!

This episode features my thanks…

… and my advice to anyone wanting to start their own show.

Watch the full video above to hear my 5 lessons learned.

Here’s some background on the show:

We started the show about 100 weeks ago on YouTube.

Back then, I had just a random number of viewers.

44 MILLION views later… Continue reading